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UTMB at Galveston Infrastructure Project


UTMB Infrastructure Hardening Project
Bocci performed operational modeling, forecasting and Life Cycle Cost Analysis of over 50 alternatives for the rebuilding and hardening of thermal and power utility distribution infrastructure at the UTMB-Galveston campus. Bocci produced feasibility assessments for Combined Heat and Power, desalination and potable water storage, waste water reject, with federal economic Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) program guidelines for FEMA funding and environmental impacts assessments. The preliminary recommendation was for a 30 MW electricity, 300 klb/hr steam and 43 ktons cooling.

“Bocci has been able to deliver on our projects time and again despite large tasks and tight timelines. Their technical work is of high quality and they frequently bring new ideas and perspectives to the team.”
Steve Frei, Principal, AEI

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